A Tale of Symbiosis

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I have created many types of catalogs, from three-ring binders acting as furniture makers’ printed showrooms, to stapled or bound catalogs, price lists and technical manuals with hundreds of pages of photos or illustrations. Catalog design is an artform and … Read More

It’s a small world

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Since I was a boy, making models always appealed to me. I guess it goes to back to my year in Cub Scouts and the Pinewood Derby. I built my car without help, and I loved it. From there, it … Read More

Giobbi speaks…

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So much to say … Giobbi Designs is the new blog for 35 year old Linea Forma Design. Started in Sausalito, California in 1980 as a partnership between myself and Ron Skaff, an industrial engineer, we chose the name Linea Forma … Read More