More Fun With 3D Printing!

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I’m enjoying my new toy tool! My latest ROBO invention: It’s an exotic deluxe executive accessory! For my vaping friends, I designed and printed the VAPYRAMID™, a vape pen holder. Elegant, tastefully proportioned, and tip resistant, the pen is held securely in … Read More

A Creative Disruption, Part 1

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Back in my school days, disruptive was a negative term meaning troublesome or out of control. In fact,a few nuns used it to describe my behavior. But in its current usage in business management, disruptive has come to mean innovative … Read More

Open All Hours

As the oldest son of a restaurant owner in Chicago, I started working at the Tivoli at age 10, and I learned that night and day were all part of the workday. I didn’t go into dad’s business, but some … Read More

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