Dad and Grad Living by Design

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I have always tried to live my life by design. It drives me, inside and out. It’s been a source of passion and satisfaction through good times and bad. I don’t see ever putting it aside or retiring from it. … Read More

The PleinEasel™ Continued

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Part Two: Presentation Tools Once the design was nailed down, my client, Jennifer deWeber, now had several working prototypes to play with, her first order of extrusions was still weeks away from delivery, her first production run was scheduled, and … Read More

More Fun With 3D Printing!

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I’m enjoying my new toy tool! My latest ROBO invention: It’s an exotic deluxe executive accessory! For my vaping friends, I designed and printed the VAPYRAMID™, a vape pen holder. Elegant, tastefully proportioned, and tip resistant, the pen is held securely in … Read More

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