Getting Under The Skin

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I spent this past month working with a new client who is developing an innovative gel spring system that can be built into shoe insoles, bicycle seat pads, chair cushions and numerous other applications. My task was to show a … Read More

Filtering a Point of View

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Remember when Time Magazine printed a darkened version of OJ Simpson’s mug shot on their cover? The controversial image started a public discussion of journalistic ethics and also enlightened the public as to how photos can be subtly altered to … Read More

A Blazer Win

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Now that my beloved Portland Trail Blazers have ended their latest season, way too early and painfully again, I’m turning my disappointment away from their losses to concentrate on a positive side of the team instead — their unique logo. … Read More

The Dynamic Type

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In the pre-internet era, the only medium for graphic design was print, so type just sat on the page. To make letters stand out from the others on the page, you could change font families, size, color and kerning. Within … Read More

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