More Fun With 3D Printing!

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I’m enjoying my new toy tool! My latest ROBO invention:

It’s an exotic deluxe executive accessory! For my vaping friends, I designed and printed the VAPYRAMID™, a vape pen holder. Elegant, tastefully proportioned, and tip resistant, the pen is held securely in a vertical position. Unlike its users. Hmm…maybe a vape user holder is next.


The printer creates an unseen honeycomb pattern in building the interior of the structure to cut down on material waste—an excellent feature. It’s mesmerizing to watch the print process.


Now on to more 3D designing…so many ideas…not enough free time.

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Bill Giobbi (bgob1) is founder and owner of Linea Forma Design, a 38 year old design firm specializing in creating graphic content for print, web and video. He is a graphic designer, industrial designer, model maker, technical illustrator and a digital 3D content creator/animator, with a love of all things design.
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2 Responses

  1. GGC

    This is awesome!! Being held securely in a vertical position. I need that.

    • bgob1

      Don’t we all.