Accessorizing the Pandemic

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Like much of the planet, we are “sheltering in place” at the moment. Our family reunion, in early March, now seems like a distant memory, except for the remnants of party decorations that we can’t bear to take down (Miss … Read More

A Pretty Big Deal

posted in: Bio-Historical 6

This week marks the 40th anniversary of Linea Forma Design. On my birthday in 1980, my original partner, Ron Skaff, and I jumped out of an airplane and parachuted to earth for our first (and last!) time, and our business … Read More

Get Moving

posted in: Design Thoughts 2

As we rapidly move beyond printing and printed materials to integrate new technology in communication, there is more focus on motion, as adding another dimension to a visual presentation provides opportunities to enhance focus, clarity and entertainment value. If well … Read More

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