Good Riddance 2020

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Well, this has certainly been a unique, unforgettable year, hasn’t it? Hopefully, we are months away from vaccinations and healing, and we can begin rebuilding from this devastating virus.

Our lives and society have changed in ways we couldn’t have predicted at the start of the year. For now, we continue to work, and learn, and explore new ideas and concepts, preparing for a return to something resembling normalcy. Social distancing has been teaching us all just how great social closeness and contact are. And how much they can be missed. And what we truly miss is a shared reality. One based on facts. Perhaps 2021 vision will be better than 2020 vision.

So, we wish everyone a hopeful and optimistic new year full of potential.

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  1. Elisa

    Right back to you, Bill and Maren.
    Along with a thousand good wishes.