So, This is Who I Am Now…

I’ve spent a good part of my time this past socially distanced year refining my skills and learning new ways to put them all together. As an independent artist for over 40 years, I’ve focused in the last fifteen years on mastering 3D modeling and animation, which has turned out to be a never ending stint as a student. Luckily, obsessive learning is one of my core competencies.

My last animation reel was over 5 years old, so it was long overdue for an update to better present some of my work in a new way. As both a graphic designer and a product designer, I have always found a variety of areas that excite me creatively! Rather than becoming a master at one particular skillset, I prefer to master many, in my attempt to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of the marketplace.

In the process, I feel I have created a bit of a niche for myself. For small to medium design firms and corporate clients, I am the go-to 3D guy. 3D models and simple animations are my specialty—highly effective visual storytelling.

In 80 seconds, my new reel exposes the viewer to a rapid progression of 3D models, animations that demonstrate features or processes of clients’ existing, new or conceptual products, simple humorous animated characters, and finally, the special effects and magic side of my digital arts toolbox. In developing “magic spells” for the online game Mage Life, I learned how to create dynamic special effects in Maya along with other effects synthesizer apps, while earning my magician skills. Everything you see came from my digital workstation.

The reel is a synopsis of my current skills, work and interests, including the cars. (I did study transportation design in school in a previous life.) Have a watch. I hope you enjoy it. And if you have any questions, drop me a line or give me a call. That’s why I made it!

We are in the process of updating our website, but couldn’t wait to share our reel, so here it is on YouTube. Take a look: Linea Forma Reel

P.S. I still do lots of graphic design like catalogs and brochures—and I love it!

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Bill Giobbi (bgob1) is founder and owner of Linea Forma Design, a 38 year old design firm specializing in creating graphic content for print, web and video. He is a graphic designer, industrial designer, model maker, technical illustrator and a digital 3D content creator/animator, with a love of all things design.
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6 Responses

  1. Seana

    That is so cool!!

    • bgob1

      Thanks, Seana. It was really fun to make.

  2. Tom Barber

    Nice stuff GeeOHB1


    • bgob1

      Thanks, TeeBee. Cheers.

  3. Elisa

    Day-um! That’s wickedly cool! Amazing work, Bill!!!!!!

    • bgob1

      Thanks, E. Glad you like it.